This is the third installment of GPS data for the ERT and includes routing from Cibola National Forest (near Corona, NM) to Santa Fe National Forest (near Pecos, NM).

This section of trail leaves the  crosses the desert floor and is a mostly flat and dusty (or muddy) for its duration. Full disclosure; we have not completely verified the southern portion of this route south of I25 since we bypassed most of if on day 3 to make up for lost time. We plan on traveling this route in the near future for confirmation. (There are a couple free t-shirts and patches available if someone can travel it before we do and provide an actual GPX or KML file.)

The northern side of this section makes a quick ascent into the Santa Fe National Forest and will likely be the most technical part of the trail as the forest road is very tight in places and suffers from terrible erosion during hard rain. The challenge is very rewarding though since it has some of the more beautiful campsites we have seen along this trail.

Trail Section Travel Data

Total Length: 155.7 Miles
Actual Trails: 110.5 Miles
Paved Sections: 45.2 Miles

Estimated Travel Time: 7-9 Hours

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate (Pending weather as prolonged rain can create muddy and flooded conditions.)
Special Notes: Expect tight trails when entering Santa Fe National Forest. 
Trail Type: Small & Medium Rock, Dirt, Some Gravel

Nearest fuel from starting point: Corona, NM
Nearest fuel to end point: Pecos, NM
(Note: This is the wild west, confirm fuel stops before your journey!)

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