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Lexus GX460 Overland Build Sheet

Hey folks, we get a lot of requests for the overland builds we run so here is a no-nonsense page with all the info you're [...]

Overlanding and Camping Q&A – EP008

We receive SO MANY questions on a daily basis about camping and overlanding gear and methods. In this video we cover some of the most [...]

80mph winds, drunk burros, and nudist… it’s the best place on earth! – EP007

In this episode Sarah and I are talking about one of our favorite places to explore in the southwest... Death Valley! While our experiences in [...]

How “minimalism” opened our door to overlanding – EP006

We get asked all the time, "How do you afford to travel so much?" The answer starts here in this episode with the story of [...]

Sarah’s Camp Kitchen and Cooking – EP005

Sarah and I discuss the current state of events, our response to quarantine, and dive into the evolution of our camp kitchen and cooking expertise. [...]

Why we chose the Lexus GX460 for our next overland build – EP004

In this episode we discuss impending snow, share our best sledding stories, find practical uses for facial hair, and go deep on the Lexus GX460. [...]

Overland the world… without being a world traveler! – EP003

Sarah and I sit down around the digital campfire to catch up on our whirlwind schedule and chat about our Costa Rican adventure. In this [...]

The evolution of our overland setup – EP002

In this episode we stoke up the digital campfire to discuss the evolution of our camping kit, funny stories (like the throne of stone), lessons [...]

How we accidentally became YouTubers – EP001

Ladies and gentlemen we are so excited to announce our VERY FIRST PODCAST! In this pilot episode Sarah and I sit down for a chat [...]

A New Mexican Ghost Town | Overlanding the Gila Wilderness – S2E9

https://youtu.be/bk3Fj6lxHfs We outfit our rig and trailer for weekend warrior mode and head to West New Mexico for some overland travel with friends. Along the [...]

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