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Overland the world… without being a world traveler! – EP003

Sarah and I sit down around the digital campfire to catch up on our whirlwind schedule and chat about our Costa Rican adventure. In this [...]

The evolution of our overland setup – EP002

In this episode we stoke up the digital campfire to discuss the evolution of our camping kit, funny stories (like the throne of stone), lessons [...]

A New Mexican Ghost Town | Overlanding the Gila Wilderness – S2E9

https://youtu.be/bk3Fj6lxHfs We outfit our rig and trailer for weekend warrior mode and head to West New Mexico for some overland travel with friends. Along the [...]

Stuck on a Volcano… in Arizona – S2E8

https://youtu.be/ryMttTZXqPE Who knew there were active volcanos in Arizona? Who knew you could get stuck… going down-hill?! We leave the Red Rocks of Sedona and [...]

Wheeling the Red Rock of Sedona Arizona with Ronny Dahl

https://youtu.be/JnuZJejAwOk We join Ronny Dahl and the Lightforce USA team for some wheeling in the Red Rock District of Sedona Arizona! Ride along as we [...]

Back to our overlanding roots

https://youtu.be/471B2wfcs00 We shake off our RV troubles and focus on the trails ahead as we return to the birthplace of our overlanding passion; New Mexico. [...]

We bought an RV… and then this happened

https://youtu.be/I6TQIk_MmDU From being on top of the world, to having our world turned upside down… this is what happened 1.5 months and 100 miles after [...]

Snow, single digits, and 4-wheeling Kentucky

https://youtu.be/FyDw4bJ3tsI We continue our adventure with the East Tennessee Overlanders along the Kentucky Adventure Tour as winter unleashed her fury on the group. While it [...]

4Runner Camping in the Tennessee Backwoods

https://youtu.be/cnq5B4jIELw Back in late January we parked the trailer and set out on a different adventure in the dead of Tennessee winter. My brother joins [...]

This is our favorite thing

https://youtu.be/vuN1AsvIdy0 What's the best part about the overland lifestyle? The community! And there's no better place to see it all than Overland Expo. The story [...]

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