We get asked a lot about how we stay warm and cozy during those bad weather days and so we wanted to share a few of our secrets with you to hopeful make your next camping trip a bit more enjoyable!

“There’s no such thing as inclement weather, only unsuitable clothing.”
Alfred Wainwright

If you’ve been camping much in your lifetime, at some point you’ve probably experienced a bone-chilling cold, mind-numbing wind, or spirit-drowning monsoon. Maybe it was one of your first experiences camping and you’ve since sworn off ever going again… Well, we’ve got good news; you don’t have to be miserable any longer!

The first step to having an enjoyable experience is getting a quality kit built that will have you prepared for whatever nature decides to through your way.

We’ve been building a library of items on our kit.com page to make it easy for you to replicate the items we’ve used and tested in your own camping setup. You can jump straight to the list here or scroll though the embedded items below.

We’ve included snippets of our experience with each item so you can get an idea of how it might work for you. (We will be making a video on this topic in the near future as well.)