This is the second installment of GPS data for the ERT and shows our travels (minus some back-tracking) from PART I of our YouTube series.

This section begins at Baca Campground in Lincoln National Forest and heads north, wrapping up at a remote camp site just past Red Cloud Campground in Cibola National Forest.

The first half of this section is fairly rough and rocky which will slow progress to a crawl, followed by graded gravel/dirt roads along the second half.

Trail Section Travel Data

Total Length: 105.5 Miles
Actual Trails: 75.3 Miles
Paved Sections: 30.2 Miles

Estimated Travel Time: 7.5 Hours

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate (Pending weather as prolonged rain can create muddy and flooded conditions.)
Trail Type: Small & Medium Rock, Dirt, Some Gravel

Nearest fuel from starting point: Hondo, NM or Capitan, NM
Nearest fuel to end point: Corona, NM
(Note: This is the wild west, confirm fuel stops before your journey!)

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Baca Campground has 2 primitive restrooms, and that’s it. No designated sites and no fees! Pick a spot and pop a top!

Rolling through the Fort Stanton Snowy River Cave Conservation Area with the Capitans calling our name in the background.

Storm clouds sneaking up on us…

Short section of pavement after descending the north side of the Capitans.

Back to the dirt roads near this awesome Phillips 66 sign. (No, there is no gas station.)

These roads were recently graded but don’t let them fool you… a few downpours and this turns to mush.

Making awesome time after our mountainside crawl.

This poor buck was enjoying the rain as much as we were.

Do yourself a favor and find a good camp before it’s pitch black and pouring rain!