Over the next few months we will be rolling out the GPX files from our Enchanted Rockies Trail expedition. We are breaking the 800 miles of trail data into 100 mile (+/-) sections to make it a bit easier for us to process and share.

This file is the first release and details the southernmost leg of the trail (for now) which documents our travel from Queen, New Mexico to Baca Campground near Lincoln, New Mexico. This portion of the trail is not part of the 10 days of travel in our YouTube Series, but a portion we mapped and traveled as part of a “Father-Daughter” weekend with @Overlandnewmexico575 and his girls.

Nearest fuel from starting point: Carlsbad, NM
Nearest fuel to end point: Hondo, NM or Capitan, NM
(Note: This is the wild west, confirm fuel stops before your journey!)

Trail Section Travel Data

Total Length: 159.8 Miles
Actual Trails: 119.3 Miles
Paved Sections: 40.5 Miles

Estimated Travel Time: 6.5 Hours

Difficulty: Easy (Pending weather as prolonged rain can create muddy and flooded conditions.)
Trail Type: Gravel, Small Rock, Dirt

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Monument in Queen, New Mexico in memory of the “Flying Paper Boy of the Guadalupes“.

Looking down over the canyon.

Brokeoff Wilderness in the background.

Wonder where this goes? Guess what, 47% of New Mexico is public land… you can find out!

The Dolan House in Lincoln, New Mexico. Built by James “Jimmy” Dolan, infamous character in the Lincoln County War. Make sure you spend some time in Lincoln since it was Billy the Kid’s old stomping grounds.

Livestock at Large – This goes for all of New Mexico. Watch the road! And… your step.

Baca “Campground” has a couple restrooms but that’s it. No fees, no designated campsites, just pitch your tent anywhere.

The trail princesses having a seat at a fireplace once belonging to Susan McSween (unconfirmed, but our best researched guess). Billy the Kid most likely sat in this very spot, as he was close to Mrs. McSween after the death of her husband during the “Big Killin” of the Lincoln County War.

Can you believe this was just steps away from our campsite in Baca Campground?! One of the reasons we love New Mexico is that history is right under your nose!

We are working hard to prep all of our Enchanted Rockies Trail data to share… stay tuned for more!