Hey there Lifestyle Overland fans and followers! This is Sarah (@mrslifestyleoverland on Instagram) coming to you with an article full of gift ideas for that adventurous lady in your life. Whether your last-minute Christmas shopping or planning your next adventure, this list is for you!

I receive a lot of messages every day asking about the products I use to cook, entertain the kiddo, stay fresh and stay stylish on the trail with… so due to popular demand, here’s some of my favorite pieces of outdoor gear and clothing!

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Accessories – Staying Flashy

(Christmas shipping deadline is 12/17/18)

The accessories I’ll be sharing are my favorites and what I wear on the daily. Of course there is so much more to look through and choose from on the website, so feel free to shop around! As a part-time job I am an Independent Ambassador of Noonday Collection. Noonday Collection is a registered Fair Trade business that uses fashion to create dignified jobs for women in lower economical countries around the world. We currently work with 29 Artisans groups in 13 different countries and there are 1,700 Ambassadors (like me!). All pieces are hand made and unique from every country!

Handbags and Wallets:

Rustic Leather Tote

Traveler Wristlet Wallet

Earrings: Earrings are my MUST wear accessory. I will always have a pair of earrings on. I myself prefer a big statement earring. But I also love a pretty dainty earring too. Here are some of my favs!

Alma Earrings

Mod Marble Studs


Plumage Necklace

Silver Crescent Necklace


Brilliant Leather Wrap Bracelet

On The Wing Bracelet

Rings: Now I know not many gals are for wearing rings. But ring stacks are on EVERYONE these days and I, personally, am a ring gal!

Parallel Ring

Square Brass Ring

Scarves: I also feel that a scarf can dress up a graphic tee and plaid shirt/chambray shirt. These two were my favorites and worn daily during the cold travel time we had!

Angelica Infinity Scarf

Songbird Scarf

Kitchen – Staying Creative

While it may take a few more minutes to grind coffee by hand, it’s almost silent so no waking up the bears! 😉
Price: $27.99

This little gem has been our daily companion for that savory cup of caffeine to kick the day off right!
Price: $27.00

The picture perfect combo for the red enamel percolator! These may have appeared in a few Instagram posts along the way 😉
Price: $11.99


I love this collapsible dish tub and the drainer for washing our dishes, clothes, or catching water waste from our sink drain.
Price: $12.99

These plates are THE best! So glad we splurged on these!
Price: $15.61

These are the best knives! Nothing like a dull knife to ruin a cooking experience, in my opinion, lol
Price: $36.95

This stock pot is a staple! I love to make soups or use it to mix things together. I love the water straining holes in the lid.
Price: $37.95

I love this skillet! I like how the handle folds in which allows for easier packup and organization.
Price: $24.95

Toiletries – Staying Fresh

Shower Pouches have become a MAINSTAY in our kit for those times when a hot shower just isn’t going to happen. Warm these up in your pocket for a few minutes and you’ll have a nice warm cleanup that leaves you feeling and smelling fresh without drying you out! BE SURE AND USE DISCOUNT CODE: LIFESTYLE when you check out! www.theshowerpouch.com


This collapsable toilet seat is all business about doing business. I tried the bucket a while but it was very unstable. This changes the game and gives you that “like home” feeling…
Price: $64.99


Obviously you’ll want some kind of shelter to do all this in besides the tent… so this is what we ended up with after trying a few other models.
Price: $125.00


Sometimes digging a hole isn’t an option (though the toilet we use is great for sitting over one!) so you have to use a bag. These are the best out there!
Price: $6.61 (These can be had for better pricing at outdoor shows!)

Clothing – Staying Stylish

Pants: I have these in Black and Grey. If i could I’d have them in EVERY color! Just the right fit, TTS, and flattering.

Shirts: I love a good plaid shirt which allows me to add color and style to a basic graphic tee or long sleeve tee. These look and fit great!

Chambray Shirt: Every gal needs a Chambray shirt in her wardrobe. I love to wear mine with my black or gray Colombia pants or layer it over a basic black cotton dress. With so many washes to choose from you’ll be able to pick one that fits your preference perfectly!

Graphic Tee: I love having a few favorite graphic tees. Layer them with the plaids or the chambray shirt I instantly feel more put together. So go crazy! Pic your favorite or here are a few I love!

Shorts: These shorts are everything! Fit amazingly, dry instantly, and comfy. I have them in Navy, Gray, and Brown.

Shoes – Staying Grounded

Boots: Y’all these boots.. they have far exceeded my expectations. To be honest, I purely picked them based on looks, ha! But I have worn them in knee deep water, squishy mud, snow, and freezing teens and they have kept my feet so dry and warm! They keep they’re shape and are comfortable for daily wear or easy hikes. They fit TTS and I wear an 8.5.

Converse (basic shoe): So this was the other shoe I found myself reaching for. Converse are a classic shoe that goes with pants, jeans, shorts, even dresses. Get you a good basic sneaker.

Sandals: Chaco’s are my favorite and I’ve been wearing them for 12 years. I love they styles and colors they have to offer now!

Makeup – Staying Beautiful

This is a tinted moisturizer I’ve been using and I really like that I can use a little or I can double up for more coverage! I wear Vanilla 04.

Yep, I’m a basic drug store maskara girl! I’ve been using this CoverGirl for over 12 years and I don’t see any reason why I’ll be switching any time soon!

My most favorite Makeup to wear, and I’ve been wearing it for 3 years, is Maskcara IIID Foundation. You can shop here through my Sister in Law!
Follow her at @smokeymountainmomma on Instagram!

Kids Entertainment – Staying Engaged

I get asked so often, “How do you keep your kiddo entertained in the car/tent/campsite?” And my answer is that more often than not kids will entertain themselves with the GREAT OUTDOORS! But sometimes they can use a little guidance. So while we travel or are having down time in the tent I created an Activity Bag for Caroline. In this bag I will have multiple options of activities for her to choose from. Such as coloring books, magnetic tin games, little toys, etc. I like to keep a small stash of things to be able to switch out weekly so she doesn’t get bored of it. The Target Dollar section or the Dollar Stores are good options for a quick stop in to freshen up the activity bag. Here are some of her favorite activity bag and campsite options.