Note: We will be creating a dedicated video on these upgrades but for now, due to popular demand, we are releasing this article to help you get the right lighting parts for your rig!

We recently upgraded our lighting on the 4Runner with a full kit of LED bulbs from and the results were a dramatic change in visibility! For starters, the interior bulbs seem to be twice as bright and have a much more visible color temperature so it’s easy to find the gear you’re searching for in the cab without digging out a flashlight (which we’ve had to do in the past).

The LED headlights are incredible! There are a lot of options out there for LED headlights but the vast majority of them actually put out LESS light than the factory bulbs. Not the case with these! The pattern is very even and the color temperature makes night driving less of a headache. Overall we are super impressed with this modification and can’t wait to put it to the test on our journey north.


The short story is that while the HID has a higher output than the LED option, we opted to go with LED for two reasons. 1) Our vehicle is lifted which increases the intensity for oncoming traffic. 2) We are a heavy vehicle which tows a trailer full-time so any bounce in the road increases the “flash” into oncoming traffic which results in a lot of flashing lights from disgruntled drivers.

In light of these two issues (no pun intended), the LEDs fit the bill because the output is more than factory, but not so intense that it will greatly affect oncoming traffic. Additionally the color temperature is much more visible than our aging factory bulbs so the output seems twice as bright after the upgrade.

Here is a detailed parts list for those of you looking to make the same modifications to your 4Runner. And if you have a different vehicle, give the folks over at Xenon Depot a call and they can walk you through exactly what you need.


LOW BEAMS (1) XT-LED-H11-PRO – H11 Xtreme LED Pro Headlight Kit [Without CANbus*]
HIGH BEAMS (1) XT-LED-9005-PRO – 9005 Xtreme LED Pro Headlight Kit [With CANbus*]
AMBER FOGS (1) 12793UNIX2 – 12793UNIX2 Yellow Philips H16 / H8 / H11 LED Fog Bulb
MAP LIGHTS, LICENSE PLATE, AND STEP LIGHTS (4) XT-LED-194C – 194 T10 W5W Xtreme LED Bulbs [Without CANbus*]
REAR DOME AND REAR HATCH (3) XT-LED-3022C – 3022 30mm Xtreme LED Festoon Bulb

*A CANbus is used to modulate the output to the high beams when in driving light mode and deliver full-power to stop the pulsing/flickering when converting to LED. If you never use driving lights, you could choose to forego this option.

Here is quick comparison of the low beam and fog light combo:

Here are a few photos of the interior light upgrades:

Please post any questions you have about this modification in the comments below! This will help us develop the video in detail!