Ladies and gentlemen we are so excited to announce our VERY FIRST PODCAST!

In this pilot episode Sarah and I sit down for a chat around a digital campfire and catch up after months of insane schedules. We discuss Sarah’s experience filming her very own episode with friend Clarissa in New Mexico, stories about our camping experiences growing up, and a bit about how we ended up becoming “YouTubers”.

Sarah and I have an ulterior motive for these podcasts… we’re using them to catch up with each other! We’ve not had many long conversations since our Alaska adventure so you’re getting some raw discussions first-hand… which could get interesting to say the least. We hope you enjoy this first episode… please be sure and give us feedback on the format as we learn more about podcasting! (obviously the pre-podcast chatter was intentional here)

We have soooo much more to share! This is so exciting!

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