Today was the first day that we were able to put in a good 8+/- hours into the new camper. As seen below we had to start with a good family selfie and our tools. We then went to work. We started with labeling all of the cabinet doors and began taking them down. Kevin then took out the fridge, he’s a beast. He got that thing out and down the steps using some ply wood and old carpet from the camper. Little Girl was such a big help too. She held the zip loc bag while I took the cabinet doors down and put the hardware in them. And of course, it wouldn’t be a home renovation without a little butt crack. But her’s is so cute. Anyway, we were also able to haul off the old couch, chairs, and mattress. There is a ‘before and after’ picture below of some of what we were able to get accomplished today. We hope tomorrow holds just as much progress as today did.