And we’re back! Well, sorta…

It’s been crazy this past year and so we apologize for the lack of fresh podcasts. We really didn’t know you guys enjoyed them so much and this fun little side project quickly turned into its own awesome format!

No promises on the next episodes just yet, but we hope you enjoy this little catch up and Q&A session.

Feel free to jump ahead to about the 21 minute mark for the questions and answers!

Here’s a cheat sheet for the questions:

What do you do when you come across occupied camping sites? 21:17

How do you handle bear country with the Turtleback trailer? 25:00

Will you release a highlight reel of working with Jorge? 27:09

Would you buy a GX again or Sequoia or Landcruiser? 27:29

What time do you start looking for camp? 32:25

Will you try a tear drop style trailer in the future? 33:24

Do you have plans for other big routes? 36:37

What was the reason for going full time? 37:47

How do you secure your rig when unattended? 41:25

How do you keep insects out of a tent? 43:36

Is an iKamper worth switching to from a 23Zero cover? 44:48

How do you handle Caroline’s education? 47:39

What kind of mount do you use for your forward dash cameras? 48:57

How to protect a winch rope from the environment? 49:53

How often should a winch rope be cleaned? 51:13

What’s your favorite tire you have used? 51:57

Will you consider using 34 or 35 tires on Silver? 53:12

What’s your opinion on King versus Icon suspension? 54:41

Do you plan to explore the northeast and Nova Scotia? 55:37

Do you have any more podcasts planned? 57:24

Do you still plan to go to Scotland or Europe? 57:41

What visor organizer do you use? 59:07

What is the one moment from your travels you won’t forget? 59:46

How do you handle toiletries on long trips? 1:01:45

How do you handle washboard ruts? 1:03:53

What best advice would you give for a long trip? 1:05:39

What is the scariest moment that has happened while in the back country? 1:07:39

Where do you see yourselves in ten years? 1:09:43

How does Caroline stay entertained? 1:11:47

How far apart do you plan camp sites? 1:12:24

What are the challenges and rewards of educating Caroline? 1:12:56

How far would you drive on the highway while aired down? 1:13:41

What type of bag works best for packing clothes? 1:14:43

What kind of thermal underwear works best? 1:15:21

Are your routes possible in a Toyota RAV4? 1:17:03

How much time do you dedicate to filming? 1:17:35

How do you handle a traditional and off-road lifestyle with Caroline? 1:18:13

How do you handle driving a rented rig? 1:20:01

Where do you dispose of trash once off public land? 1:21:43

Do you like to fish? 1:23:08

How do you handle packing arrangements for each person? 1:23:31

How much bacon do you eat a year? 1:24:12

Have you made progress on bringing drawer systems to market? 1:25:04

What is your favorite part of overlanding and what do you always forget to pack? 1:25:39

Any plans to return to Costa Rica? 1:26:18

What do you read or listen to while travelling? 1:26:53

How long do you plan to continue Lifestyle Overland? 1:29:11

Do you plan trips to tell the stories of the places you visit? 1:30:03

What editing software and music sites do you use?  1:31:01

When will you have more camo hoodies in stock? 1:31:52

What other types of communication do you use when cell phones don’t work? 1:32:37

Can we see Kevin cook one day? 1:34:09 

Seeya on the next one… whenever that is…